February 2019

We are grateful to tell you that 2018 was another good year for Apogee in several ways. FIRST our overall revenues were up again; overall at 9% over 2017. The replacement of a 7 year old press with a brand new wider 10 color press in April of 2018 helped us keep up with printed label demand and enabled us take on some new label projects that will contribute to our growth into the future. SECOND was technology investment in our equipment. In November we added a 100% inspection system to one of our inspection/rewind machines. This unit improved not only our finished product quality but also our overall throughput. We will be adding this to our other inspection/rewind machines later this year. We also made numerous smaller investments in prepress equipment, computers, and also to our small but growing digital label printing equipment. 2019 is off to a very good start like last year; we look forward to the challenges presented by you, our faithful customers, in meeting these challenges and exceeding your expectations. THIRD is our hard working employees. They push themselves hard and get dirty doing it and I am thankful they are part of this team!

February 2018

2017 was a good year for Apogee. Our revenues over the last 2 years are up almost 20%. The growth has been a little trying on all of our hard working employees and faithful customers so we want to say thank you to everyone! To keep up with this growth we added warehouse space in February of 2017. We began a small digital printing department last spring to make smaller label jobs and in early March we will be replacing an 8 year old 8 color narrow web flexo press with a brand new wider 13" 10 color narrow web press. This will give us added flexibility and more capacity. We have also recently expanded our second shift adding 2 more team members! Also in December of 2017 we went through and passed a color auditing procedure and are now an approved vendor for one of America's largest retailers. Call us and we will tell you more or come visit us in April 2018 at the PACK EXPO show in Philadelphia. The beginning of 2018 has started strong and we look forward to doing our best for those we serve.

January 2017

2016 was quite a surprise for all of us at Apogee and we want to thank you our faithful customers, reliable vendors, and our strong internal team at Apogee. Business grew almost 13% over 2015 - thank you very much I am grateful for all of you. We are moving forward with strengthening our company in the following ways to keep serving you. We are adding additional capabilities to our existing flexographic presses. Press upgrades are being done here in January and will take place throughout the year. We have grown our digital printing capabilities adding new equipment that is being installed in January 2017. Digital is one of the growth segments within our industry and we are steadily making progress. We expanded our facilities about 25% adding more space. This will be completed in late January 2017. Again thank you very much.

February 2016

2015 was another very good year for Apogee in people, profits and position. Our second shift added a few people that we are grateful to have and whom possess a can-do spirit. We are training them to keep stepping up and doing more! Our profits grew over 2014 and so did our sales. We invested in new Rotoflex inspection equipment and other smaller needs. Our position going into 2016 is strong and we look forward to the possibilities with our faithful customers and any new customers we may add. We are looking into new equipment to replace aging equipment and enhancing our digital position in our industry. Thank you to our customers and our team!

January 2015

Thank you again to our loyal and to our new customers. Apogee had a very good year in 2014 with almost 6% growth. Over the last 2 calendar years we have grown almost 25% !

With the addition of the our new Mark Andy press, Rotoflex finishing equipment, and great employees added in 2014 Apogee is looking forward to a great 2015 !

Thank you for your faithfulness !

July 2014

Apogee will be installing a brand new 2014 Mark Andy 8 color 13" web press. Business has been very strong at Apogee and we are adding this capacity to shorten our lead times and help grow our core of existing business. We want to again thank you our faithful customers for creating opportunity for Apogee and our loyal employees.

January 2014

2013 was an excellent year for Apogee. Overall sales were up 15.5% - thank you! We are thankful we moved to our new building in 2012. We needed the space to meet this increase in volume. Other small but important steps Apogee took in 2013 to improve as a company:

  • Joined Flag (Flexo Label Advantage Group) : This improved our bottom line and will be a helpful in aiding our growth and productivity efficiencies.
  • Added Staff : added to second shift to keep up with demand.
  • Additional Storage/Racking : Improved Storage and Retrieval of WIP materials.
  • New Rotoflex upright rewinder : Purchased new Rotoflex VSI 13" Rewind Inspection machine. Will be taking delivery in January 2014.
  • Upgraded Box and core labeling : New database system for better and more consistent box and core labeling of all finished goods.

We want to thank you, our faithful customers, for the growth and accompanying challenges you gave us and we look forward to working with you in 2014 !

July 2013

Apogee has been in our new building for 1 year now. We are very grateful that we moved as business has really improved. We are about 15% ahead of last year's business. We had the room and the capacity to accomplish this in our new building but we also had you our faithful customers and good hard working employees to make these goals come to fruition! Thank you !

June 2013

Apogee joined FLAG (Flexo Label Advantage Group). FLAG negotiates national vendor contracts, leveraging the buying power of all its Members. Group purchasing delivers bottom line savings to Members and bottom line benefits to you our customer. FLAG members can also network with each other to learn how others are doing things or solving problems, which may help improve our own business. FLAG also helps members rely on each other when catastrophic emergencies strike. The ability to receive help from other FLAG Members you know and trust while recovering can provide comfort to you our customers.

December 2012

In December of 2012 Apogee added more personnel to our second shift to keep up with demand. Thank you for your patience with us and your continued business.

July 2011

Apogee upgrades 6/C press acquired in 2009 to an 8/C press. We are doing more multi-color process printed labels and have added this upgrade to keep up with demand!

December 2010

Apogee adds new "JM Heaford" video plate mounting unit and second Apple MAC pre-press system.

December 2010

Apogee adds a second shift to take on additional volume!

November 2009

Apogee added a brand new six color Mark Andy 10" web flexo press with UV & video web inspection. The press has been up and running since mid-November. Despite the tough economy Apogee is committed to its core principles of quality, service, and investing for the future. Our committed employees are excited about this acquisition and it's capabilities. Apogee will be able to better serve our existing customer base and keep up with our steadily growing business!