Private label branding is where a line of products or brand is available exclusively to the customers of a specific store or chain of stores, instead of being sold publicly by the manufacturer through many different distributors and retailers. The retailer offering this private label may or may not be the manufacturer.

The history of private labels, as chronicled by the Private Label Management Association (PLMA), goes back to the 19th century when merchants who ordered mail order goods began cutting costs by going straight to manufacturers, or manufacturing it themselves.

Now it’s so ubiquitous that anyone with a store can establish a brand, and start selling their own branded goods simply by ordering it in bulk (with branding and packaging) and retailing it in their store and/or online on their website.

The advantages of private labels and brands include:
1. Cheaper goods and more profits, as compared to selling someone else’s branded goods.
2. Increases customer retention rates and loyalty, since they can’t get the same private label elsewhere.
3. Your own packaging and brand name reduces cost of customer acquisition and marketing.
4. Control over production processes and standards, even if you’re not the manufacturer.
5. Ability to customize products to align with a brand experience that is part of an integrated or omnichannel customer engagement and marketing campaign.

Apogee’s Design team works around the clock with some of the most successful juice private labels. Our consistency in print, and design, have passed several audits from large private label brands.

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